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EA Customer Service was Great!

The other day I noticed that Canadians are being overcharged for sim points compared to the United states. Our money is currently worth more than theirs now but the website still says 1k points for 10 USD or 12 CAD and theres no option to buy directly with USD unless your billing address is in the US.

So I figured I'd open a refund request and maybe in a few weeks I'd get a few bucks back.

-Less than 24 hours later-

I get a friendly email from a customer service rep who was apologizing for the delay in responding, and enough sim points to turn being overcharged 20% into a 25% discount. :)

Woot! A good customer service expirence. :)

P.S. I know I technically didn't get a refund and that these sim points are just some ones and zeros in a database that they have an infinite supply of. Software and Content distribution costs pennies, but creating it takes a lot of time and talent. If some in game object has value to me, then I'm ok with spending actual money to acquire it. As a paid software developer myself I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't.


woot for good Customer Service!