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Game Summit February 2011

This year I played 13 unique games over two days, 7 of which were games I've never played before. Some games I played more than once so I think I've actually played about 20 games this weekend!

Here are the games in roughly the order they were played:
Set, China, In the Year of the Dragon, Ponte de la Diavolo, Scotland Yard, Dominion, Dungeon Lords, Tichu, Battlestar Galactica, Carcassone, Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft board game, Tsuro, Atlantis

Here are the people I've played with in no order what-so-ever: MAB, Leski, Alexis, James, Myles, Eric, Geoff, Roxanne (?), Multiple Steves, John, Ben, and Gregor, as well at least three people who I forgot to take a picture of or I can't read the name tag in the photo. Great Times!


Hey I played two of those tonight.
cool :)