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Dec. 2nd, 2009


Dec. 1st, 2009

Random Update

Whats new and exciting for me?

Well I finally broke down and bought more storage for my room. It matches my desk and it's pretty and it stores things. whee!

For Haloween I went dressed up as a Sim from the Sims 3 :) I had a 3D plumbbob attached to a hat on a transparent rod so that it would appear to float above me as I walked around. It even spun, but only manually as I didn't have a motor for it.

My desktop computer is _still_ dead but I know why for real this time, and am just waiting on the final RMA process. In the meantime I've been using my 10+ year old refurbished laptop.

Yesterday I finally got tired of my laptop and didn't want to rely on it during the holidays, so I purchaed a netbook. It was about the same price as I paid for my laptop but 10x faster, more ram, more hdd space, and enough power on the USB ports to run a keyboard AND my usb headset at the same time. (My morning calls for work were very annoying on the laptop as I could type or talk but not both at the same time)

My work is moving to Gatineau at the end of January, I'm very excited about that as I'll be within walking distance of a sushi restauraunt as well as Place du Portage. I know several people who work in PDP so I'll finally be able to spend random time with friends again. Where my work is currently its too far from anything to meet up with people so I only ever eat with my coworkers, not that I mind, they're great people, but I miss my downtown friends too :)

I'm playing D&D now, the childhood game I never tried for fear it would bring the wrath of god upon me. Stupid religion wasting my childhood. Time to catch up! I'm playing a lvl 4 Master Illusionist Gnome named Jebeddo and really enjoying it.

My new netbook has the power to run Gimp and do other things too without crashing! this is awesome! Doubtful it'll run sims 3... especially lacking the cd drive and all. but much better, I'm off to do more photo manips and other stuff, ttyl.

Aug. 7th, 2009

Scenic Journey

Today on my way to work as I was driving along belfast I saw someone run out from a driveway and follow along the side of the road. (this is odd enough on belfast, as there's hardly any pedestrians) He was about average height, maybe a bit taller, what appeared to be dirty blonde hair, cut short. Nice toned legs and biceps but not overtoned. He was wearing dark shorts, and get this, a sleeveless black mesh t-shirt that showed off his torso as much as it covered it up. I think the partial mystery while still clearly showing all the details of his body made it even more enticing than if he'd been shirtless. blond jocks are not my usual taste but this guy was male beauty personified and even I had to appreciate that. And I did, I slowed down until I realized there was someone approaching fast behind me. mmmm... A nice scenic start to the day :)

Jul. 21st, 2009

Unsettling Revelation

Wow... I haven't been online since may 20th, what can I say: Sims 3 is just that awesome :)

Today I downloaded my bank records for the last 7 months for some light reading. January~April my balance was climbing steadily. After that it plataeued and now has started to decline, albeit slowly.

In January I forcasted my income vs expenses and figured I'd be debt free in ~24 months. Today I ploted out with real data and in ~24 months I won't have anything left, with just as much debt as today.

In the last few months I've spent $3k on car repairs, computer upgrades, and weekend trips, my original estimate didn't include any expenses of that magnitude.

I've examined all my expenses and have a plan to "tighen the belt" where I can, but
all my controllable expenses put together saves me at most a few hundred extra a month which is still chump change compared to the maintence bills. Hope the car cooperates. :|

- Edit -

I realized after posting that the data was per transaction but my analisis was per diem, I replotted the graphs using time as the x axis and things don't look quite as bad. I still need more buffer to handle unexpected expenses, but my spending has actually been slowing down slightly, not speeding up as the other graph showed.

May. 20th, 2009

Sims 3: Let there be Sims! In 12 Days.... or now?

I preordered the game a long time ago but now I've learned a leaked copy is already out. I've been waiting almost half a year, whats another 12 days, but on the other hand it was supposed to have been out in february so I've waited long enough.

Pros of using the leaked copy
Sims Now!
Works without CD!
Can't download things from Sims online

The con is only a minor con since all the good stuff for the sims 2 came from other sites anyway.

The biggest issue to me is the ability to play without the CD, I hate having to switch cd's for games but I'm not willing to risk DRM damage or server outages preventing me from playing the downloaded game. I like steam, I've used them for other (cheaper) games and I know my games work even without an internet connection but EA wants to use a company I never heard about till recently. Not risking it, especially with the sims history of expansions.

I think I'll wait the 12 more days, install it, get my free stuff, then backup and replace the game with the hacked version so I can ditch the CD until I next upgrade my computer.

Apr. 20th, 2009

Virgin Mobile Customer Service Win

I'm very happy right now. For a while now I've suspected something was off with my virgin mobile account balance but couldn't pin it down. It was going down slowly like a small leak in a balloon. So I called in and requested my useage report. After deciphering the cryptic document I made a discovery: I was being charged for every single text message I had sent even though I had paid for a text messaging plan.

With the data in hand I called back and got a very cherful young lady who, once I had explained the issue, confirmed the problem, immedietly refunded the cost of the text messages based on my calculation of the data (good thing I'm honest), as well as the cost of the plan for all the months visible on the report. $50 in refunds to start and I was only going to ask back for the charges in error. :)

To top it off, she has pushed forward a request to billing to investigate back to the starting of the text plan for which the useage data is no longer available to refund all those other months of text messages too :)

I'm very satisfied with this customer service expirence. :)

Apr. 2nd, 2009

T Minus 60 Days and counting

If only I had a time machine I could jump forward to June 2nd right now.
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Mar. 16th, 2009

Laser pointer is to cat as gravity is to humananity?

So I was catching up on my LolCatz, when I saw this. I amused myself with a rambling thought of what the cats think of the dots, and how they would react if they ever figured out we were responsible for their creation. The cats attack the dots as if their lives depended on it, and we do it because it's funny to watch them.

Now that you're sitting there laser pointer in hand teasing your cat... stop. Look at that laser pointer (not directly though) Think about what it is. Do you realize the level of technology required to make it? The laser pointer is a combination of optics, physics, and chemistry, all refined into a small cylinder you can put on your keychain. The level of technology of a laser pointer to a cat, is like the level technology of a Jedi light saber to us, and we use it as a toy. Teehehee. This thought amuses me almost as much as the cats reactions, its just so absurd: Billions of dollars in R&D, Hundreds of thousands of man hours developing and refining this technology... to make a cat toy :)

Imagine if we meet aliens one day only to discover that gravity was just a joke they were playing on us all these years? :P

Mar. 4th, 2009

Back Online

Computer is reassembled and running, The back room is starting to feel like a room, and I played descent yesterday :) These combined with a tasty Green Tea Frapuchino are making me feel much more relaxed right now.

I've looked at foutons, MatressMart had the best quality I've seen so far but they only had a few sizes and all were too big so I doubt I'll buy one there. There is this one from IKEA that I'm considering buying because its so short. It would be great for that room because its even shorter that I was hoping for, so I'd only need to find a new home for one of the office chairs, and not two. (Adam already had one and I had two, that made for 3 office chairs in one tiny tiny room)

Bookshelves, I could find ones that were as shallow as 12" but nothng narrower than 16" and the shallow ones can't really be rotated either due to where they put the walls. Maybe I'll put a plant in that space or something.

Closest. The closest is currently dominated by some of zabby's things so I've been blocked from fully utilizing that space for now. Tonight I plan at least to finish unpacking my clothes though.

Mar. 2nd, 2009

A Jake Update

Major Recent Events
I have graduated UOttawa (diploma and Ring pending)
I have moved in with Adam

Last Week = Pure Crazy
Last Weekend = Concentrated Pure Crazy

Upcoming Tasks
Task: Find New Stuff
  • Find new rectangular computer desk (less than 2ft deep, less than 3ft wide)
  • Find new Futon (up to just past 6ft ok)
  • Find narrow bookshelf (less than 16", preferably less than 15")
  • Rolling Office chair mat
  1. MattresMart
  2. Ikea
  3. Walmart

Task: Assemble Computer
Objectives: Oh gawd I need my fix! I NEED IT! I NEED IT NOW!
Dependencies: Computer Desk

-- Milestone 1 --

Task: Finish Unpacking
Objectives: All bags, boxes, and clothes unpacked and stored in proper locations
Dependencies: Top Shelf cleared of legacy items
ETA: Early This Week

Task: Kitchen Itegration
ETA: Later Next Week

-- Milestone 2 --

Task: Bedroom and Bathroom Integration
ETA: Next Week


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