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Hubble 3D on IMax

I just watched Hubble 3D on the IMax screen. movie-wise it was decent. For the nerd in me though, it bordered on spiritual. I was amazed when they zoomed out and showed the whole universe. The obvious bit: our planet is one spec next to our star, our star is one spec to our galaxy, and our galaxy is one spec to the universe. And they zoomed from one extreme to the other in typical imax fashion.

The cool thing is, that there are macroscopic structures at the universal level that I never even dreamed existed. I thought the universe was just an expanding mass of chaos and apparently its not. As they were zooming out further and further the random galaxies became less random and more structured. As I recognized what I was seeing on the screen it sent chills down my spine. The structure I recognized, was organic.

Heres a side by side comparison of the organic structure I recognized, and the univserse.

Apparently, I'm not the first person to see this.